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Imagination is a crucial ingredient for a fiction writer. Another source spelt sauce is that of promoting yourself as an author, novelist, story writer or poet outside of four walls. The internet does give opportunity to join and to tune in to groups which are interested in your book genre. In recent years this author has experienced more interaction within individual groups. Sites though can just be a machine gun like flow of new books and publication. Authors keen to get noticed by other authors it appears. Not an arena that readers are necessarily likely to visit. That appreciation has always been there, but advertising can benefit from this randomness. The author believes that a certain age or interest group will buy and read his/her book. In reality, there can be a varied market. Recent novel – Persuasion’s Price was intended for a local readership. A story set in a south west fictional town the author believed might appeal to readers in the area, but initially interest has been overseas. There is a listing made in French on Amazon, for example.

After numerous pitches on internet, book and author sites there is the traditional book shop. Unfortunately, it is after the online promotion, because independant book shops have one main supplier and naturally follow instructuctions from advice given about the perceived market place. by their supplier. The advice remains, as with all promotional activity that you do need to speak with the owner, managing director or supply purchaser of any organization. Messages to independant book shops are not likely to be answered, without earlier representation.

Public lending libraries have always been very supportive in their advice. A main point, is that as an author you do need to be on their suppliers list to get noticed and for possible future book orders. This author has made library donations locally and was delightedt when enquiries were made for Sam Grant, author, at a nearby library that his books were out on loan. There’s a distinct possibility that many books in libraries never go out on loan! There can be a five year time lapse before some books are actually taken out. Interestingly to note that it was nearly five years before Atlanbtic Hijack managed a review. A good review from Sea Breezes re-ignited sales. Library readers informed perhaps of the books existence.

Latest devlopment on the library outlet venture for Sam Grant novels is a hard cover edition for – “Mists of Time.” Prompted by the request from British Libraries for a copy of the paperback edition of both Atlantic Hijack and Mists of Time. There are no immediate plans to prepare other hard cover editions. This author hopes to return to novel writing and poetry composition. Preparation of final manuscripts, corrections and revisions if necessary, usually excludes that necessry focus on new writing. Plots bubble forward in the mind, but need to be committed to written word!

Radio Interview – Persuasion’s Price, mystery thriller by Sam Grant.

On Tuesday, 3rd Septemeber, Sam attended to record two chapters from latest novel – Persuasion’s Price. There will be editing, but there should be an inclusion within a radio show. Sam Grant is very appreciative that Kowalaski was able to record the conversation and chapter reads. Radio Somerset has noted information sent about novels and anthology. There might be a programme apparently, sometime, in the future, where a mention could be made about a local Somerset author, named Sam Grant. All positive on the media front !!

A new hard cover edition, is listed for “Mists of Time.” Addition to Kindle and paperback editions for Persuasion’s Price. Now, listed at URL . All Sam Grant publications are available for order from good book shops. Please give ISBN – Listed in preview to Mists of Time or by accessing back cover display and relevant bar code.

Best wishes, Sam.

Persuasion’s Price – new novel

Published on 19th July 2019. A romantic, mystery thriller. Local rural setting and very English situation, but interspersed with a Russian family. Author draws on thirty year work life experience with Royal Mail. Now retired. Landscape of village life is in flux and small communities struggle to maintain cohesiveness. The internet is here to stay, but the postal service has always been a needed link for those in more isolated regions. There is a possible time shift. Novel describes a modern day situation, where the interweave of post person with community is still in place. With the closure of so many small post offices this situation might be hard to find. Some might say that this is the charm of fiction, that it describes truths, but imaginatively. The author hopes readers will enjoy the depiction of a very English relationship of postal worker with communities. This is a thread through the novel.

More sinister activity is afoot with the arrival of a Russian family. Novichok – that horrific Salisbury nerve poisoning is mentioned and also how communities lost so many small business’s in the aftermath of 2008. For the government it was quickly moving on, but the loss was very real for many communities up and down the land. The novel mentions the Great Recession, but firstly the author hopes the reader is entertained by the storyline which disrupts this normally peaceful rural landscape. URL

Small publisher’s event – July, 2019.

This was Sam Grant’s second attendance at the Silk Mill’s Small publisher’s event at the Silk Mill in Frome. A larger table enabled opportunity to make a display, which featured action, mystery novels Atlantic Hijack and River Escape. A4 front cover photos of individual novels were prepared by Wiltshire Photographers Warminster. Whitehall Printers, Bristol prepared posters for Dancing on the Beach – plus a photo card which depicts Sam’s novel – River Escape on the front with ISBN listings of publications on the back.

The nature of self-publishing means that advertising which occurs has mainly to be driven by the author. Sam Grant understands the power of display from shop window display and in store, previously developed for a chain of retail stationery/ craft outlets. Sam has a background of retail training in store management plus that of Second Mate trained position in the merchant navy. In the earlier days of computer mania, a stationery shop window display enabled the later sell out of product within the shop. Similarly, enticing window display enhanced sales across the store chain. Book covers are a shop window and can decide whether a potential reader will pick a book up, and open its pages.

Book events are about advertising presence as an author. Immediate sales are not as crucial as they are for a retail outlet. “Atlantic Hijack,” Sam’s first action, mystery novel invariably does attracts sales. An occurence this time. There was interest in the ship photos which accompanied the sea novel book displays. Vessels, which the author served aboard, both as apprentice and deck officer in the nineteen – sixties. Seafaring knowledge and technical aspects were included in the writing, to authenticate both novels. Mention is made of the “faux” accommodation superstructure built to impress port visitors, in Sam’s novel , Atlantic Hijack. No cabins existed behind certain parts of the imposing white superstructure, built around deck space.

Deck layout and pumping arrangement description, in Novel, River Escape (sequel, but complete story), extracted mainly from experience of working and serving aboard oil tankers , in the Houlder Line fleet.

Mists of Time, Sam Grant’s most recent publication was also talked about with visitors to this small publisher’e event. The author has written poems and novels in varied genre . Mists of Time, in Part two does include extract chapters from Dancing on the Beach, Galactic Mission and Atlantic Hijack plus short stories. It was a warm, sunny summer’s day which was good for the venue at the Silk Mill, Saxonvale, Frome. It was a very worthwhile experience for an author. Not just to talk about publications, but also to meet readers and visitors and listen to their experiences, and stories.

Sam Grant’s soon to be released novel, begins in the setting of a small market town. The author draws mainly from memories of Market Harborough in Leicestershire, but also Frome and of course from years of rural postal deliveries for the walk – on role of Danny, in this forthcoming novel. Rural postmen get to meet and talk with people from diverse walks of life. Inevitably, as an author, life experience will intertwin with imaginative construct. Latest story, is a fictional creation, but has the underpinning of life experience and occupation.

New novel : new title

Sam Grant does appear to have a liking for two word titles. Atlantic Hijack, River Escape and Galactic Mission, for example. A manuscript is in progress at the moment. Yes, the name title has two words! Titles seem to evolve rather than be set. Title for this new novel derived from a character’s comment initially, but has resonance for more than one character.

Sam Grant was as horrified as everyone else about the unfolding nerve poison attacks in Salisbury. But out of this traumatic event an idea came for a a novel about a Russian spy or gang infiltration into the UK. Russian involvement progressed into a first draft, with a family who want to lease barn space. The new novel starts innocently enough with a description of events in a sleepy market town.

The author lived and worked in a market town for nearly thirty years before requested transfer to Somerset. Names of towns and villages are fictional, but the author drew on life experiences which relate to a rural community. Also, from actual work time on a farm in his youth.

A manuscript is with Paragon Publishers. Sam Grant novels and anthologies are listed at url

Future Events – 2019.

Sam Grant has attended two Book Events this year. The first at Sherborne, Dorset and one at the Magpie Market. A card with a photo of “River Escape,” with a list of ISBN published books was given out.

Magpie Market Sunday, 5th May at Cheese and Grain Frome. Please visit at url for more details. Author hopes to be in attendance.

“Atlantic Hijack,” still finds sales, although published, in 2014. A novel set in the historical nineteen-sixties remains, perhaps, – “in date,” because it relates to a bygone era. Those, who like the author, served aboard ships, from the period – perhaps, like to imagine these ships, are not old, because it indicates their own age!

Magpie Market is a great market for craft made product and is worth a visit just to see the wide range of products that are made locally. Sam Grant books are written locally, although set in varied locations.

Later, in 2019, there is The Silk Mill, Small Publishers Fair. This event, has a variety of books – both fiction and non fiction. In 2018, it was very well attended. Sam Grant has reserved a stall in the Fair and hopes to have hardback volumes available of some novels and or anthologies.

What’s ongoing now?

A novel set in a rural area. Visits from a company wanting barn storage space, sets in motion an interaction between this rural community and a Russian mafia gang. Progress to draft level. There has been substantial re-write and re-organization of chapters – already. Change of plot or rather main plot made into subplot.

For the author, memories of the writing of Galactic Mission return. Complications arise when you have multiple characters. There are no aliens! But there is the convergence of cultures in latest novel preparation.

There are two book events scheduled for May and then July, 2019. Plans are that a hard back edition of an earlier novel will be published. Possibly, the anthologies might also be re-issued in hard back. Decisions, decisions….

Really great to receive reply and advice from Bristol Central Library. Sam Grant novels and anthologies are now on the Dumfries national database.

Finalizing a novel absorbs writing time. Author writes at pedestrian speed with intermittent gallops forward! A4 scribbles can precede actual typed manuscript. Chapters sketched out before actual print takes place. Relationship dialogue is often re-written several times. Relate to being pleased with one paragraph a day sometimes, although the plan is to write a thousand words a day. Novel is now at 50,000 word point. There is likely to be pruning after sixty thousand words. Then work toward prioritizing a final manuscript!!

Radio interview for “Writers on Frome FM.” – Sam Grant, author.

Sam Grant, was very fortunate to attend for an interview with Sara and Ann. A lead in to the earlier start novel “Atlantic Hijack,” is talked about. Sam, was delighted to be told that Ann had read “Atlantic Hijack,” and enjoyed the read. “River Escape,” moves the narrative twelve years forward to where narrator -Mike Peters, is married with twin daughters. The family have moved to Liverpool from Rosario. Lead in and Chapter 15 is read by Sam. The novel draws from life experiences when the author worked aboard a tanker contracted to transport boiler oil from Venezuela to New Jersey. The long stay on the north/south American coastline necessitated that the ship victualled at Bayonne, in New Jersey. Memories of American products tasting different to British. Big let down for the crew was the beer. It tasted more like lager than British beer.

A significant event was when John Kennedy was shot and the ship was made to anchor in the River Hudson-to await instructions. The pilot station notified of the shooting just as the tanker reached pilot to bridge radio contact. “Abort, and anchor where you are, ” came the instructions. The Second Mate made comment about the American usage of the word abort. Albany Empress, in the novel, is upgraded from the nineteen-sixties vessel, mentioned. Fiction story – “River Escape,” by Sam Grant, is pitched in the nineteen-eighties.

A song was chosen to be played in this radio interview. Gaucho cowboy singers and dancers performed on cinema stages at the time, in Buenos Aires, the author recalls. Guantanamera was very popular at the time. The Sandpipers rendition, perhaps a North American culture influenced version. South American singers, musicians and dancers tended towards a more visceral interpretation.

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