Development of writing, for Sam Grant, Author, from 2014 to 2021.

Poems were chosen to be published in varied editors anthologies before first novel Atlantic Hijack, reached final manuscript publication in 2015.

Poetry composition and submission, to competion entry continues into 2021.

The blog was started to achieve a platform to entertain readers with poems, stories and blog commentary about author’s writing ventures. Pre- lock down these included market events, to advertise and talk about author’s novels, but also, associated with passing visitors about their own writing. This applied, on occasion, to talks, with wives, sons, and daughters, whose own husbands, fathers, saw sea service.

Maritime novel, sea poems and sea short stories, are part of author identity. For example – Atlantic Hijack, River Escape, Parthian Kinsman, Winter in New Jersey.

Understandably, with ten years of early sea service, from age of fourteen, shore based work life presence, has subsequently, had a strong influence on life experiences. This has led to, author selection of varied genres, for his novel, poetry and short story writing.

Recognition has been given to poems and short stories, with the request, by five Main UK Deposit libraries for individual copies of Sam Grant’s publication – Mists of Time, in hard cover. January, 2021.

Recently, author published thirteen chapters of Dancing on the Beach by Sam Grant, on WordPress. This was a Lock Down venture, intended, to provide a read for anyone at home who finds interest, from a read of a romantic thriller.

A prime reason for these blogs, is to provide an avenue, for readers to discover author’s writing, and books which have no real presence within independent book stores.

Lock down, of course ,ensured a universality for all authors. That, their books were locked up, inside book shops! Author did not have that problem. Public libraries in the South West of UK have always been very supportive, for which the author, is immensely grateful. These books are donations, to date. This, mainly because there are specfic suppliers of books, to both libraries and book stores. Books, for libraries are sourced , mainly from mainstream publishers, which is understandable, when appreciation, is made for publication quantities, needed to meet supply.

Author, continues to update readers, about latest writing projects and experiences, with regard to writing and publishing. A Smorgasbord of topic, from an individual writer, Sam Grant, with everyday name of Colin Coles.

Selection of books, published in partnership with Paragon Publishing, Rothersthorpe.

Display of books – Sam Grant – not including – Galactic Mission Part Two – published in 2020

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Cargo Liner – description – voyage

( Poem, relates to earlier story – “Cooking aboard ships.” A recount of author’s sea life. First ship description)

Laid,sheet plate.

Hull, black, riveted;

mainly submerged,

redded draft.


Strut of rails;

circle deck;

break for crew quarter,

in white, block flat.


Red, black, funnel.

Maltese cross;

proud announce;

stands above.



above main deck.

Green, wedged,

tarpaulin hatch.

Three forward;

two aft.


Three masts,


derricks; pulley blocks;

greased wires.

Green paint,

winch engines,

dot main deck.


Davit hooked lifeboats,

on funnel deck.


straddle, up down;

bridge to funnel,

mid, main deck.


Outward – Bristol Channel, for Cape Verde, Montevideo/ Buenos Aires.

One, two, three, lower holds;


steel plate.

Car machinery,

wooden crates.


Hospital equipment.

Much more.


‘Tween decks;

single decker,

Leyland buses;

lorry chassis,

securely wired.


Wedged casks; unblended

whisky; Drambuie, Scotch,

brandy, Gordon’s gin,

all boxed. Now stacked

in dunnage to protect.

Special Cargo lockers.


Railway lines;

four lower hold;

‘tween deck, bagged

plastic pellets.

Buses, cars for


Buenos Aires street.


Railway lines,

boxed, wedged;

Criss cross,

lower hold.



Number five.

takes, slinged,

China clay bag;

plus, loads of wire lashed,

dunnag’d, ethanol

drums, fore and aft,

main deck.


Two lorry chassis;

each side of deck.

Exposed to elements;

wire lashed.

Return to Bristol Channel, from Buenos Aires/ Rosario/ Bahia Blanca/ Montevideo – Newport.

Mounds of grain;

shifting board,

restrained, in



Wool, cotten,

sling lowered bales.

Hooked, stacked;

lower hold,

‘tween deck.

Even Main deck.


Golden grain,

bags loose.

Bones, hooves,

linseed, sunflower,

sorghum, rape.


Special cargo lockers,

hold now;

corned beef, tongue;

large tin, apple,

pear, catering can.


‘Tween deck,

Five – salted,

cattle skins,

with stench.

Lower hold,

Crickets’s sound

out – from onion stow,

all way back.

Newport, Wales

Regular ship’s crew signed off. Relief crew take vessel around coast to dischage cargo. Author would rejoin ship at Liverpool, where cargo load would be in progress.

Ports visited would likely include – Birkenhead, Manchester ( through Ship Canal) Finally Bristol Channel ports – Swansea, Cardiff, Avonmouth, before departure for Cape Verde for fuel ( bunkering). Then to Montevideo, Uruguay. Two thousand tons cargo discharge. Remainder six thousand, for Buenos Aires. Author joined ship in UK dry dock, on one occasion.

Seafarer’s dilemma: falling in love and all that Jazz.

The female definiton for a ship, has been attributed to a ship’s demand for attention, which cannot be denied is paramount, to maintain safety at sea. Similarly, attentivity, in a relationship, is needed to secure romantic continuation.

Author’s late teen age years saw numerous visits to South America and perhaps that Latin American connection, of West Side Story to the continent and senoritas, led to falling, for Natalie Wood, in the film version of the show. Possibly led to an impossible search for a twin, whilst ashore in the dating of Argentinean senoritas?

Sound of Music was showing, in Buenos Aires – English and American films,with Spanish sub titles, were shown in a street of cinemas. Display boards outside were hand painted. There was quite a good likeness, to Sean Connery, as 007. A Second Mate, claimed to have viewed Sound of Music, 26 times with his wife! Cannot say that Julie Andrews rocked, author’s boat. There was, too much resemblance, to nursing sisters, at sea school, who were keen to get you out of sick bay, and back into the regime as soon as possible!

Petula Clark, temporarily replaced Natalie Wood, for author, when in United kingdom, in – that dream woman – totally unobtainable stakes, life feature. Possibly, related to author, being on a sea course, in London and Petula Clark’s song about being lonely; who knows? Certain pop songs from the sixties, then played at dance discos, bring back memories of shore leave, in Liverpool and South Wales ports. This will be true for plenty of other seafarers,without doubt, author feels.

A girl in every port is a much stated description for a sailor, who reputedly loves and leaves. Although, it can be said his ship can be seen as a compelling mistress, allied with might of sea. Probably, very much a male response, but author would concur, that a female definition, does seem right for a ship.

Author, met an American girl at the New York World’s Fair. Impression given, was that he was like some kind of novelty. Americans, found an English person’s speech intriguing? Entertaining? And, yes that cliched question – “How is the Queen?” was asked, once your speech revealed, that you were from the old country. As if, you met, with her majesty, on a regular basis!

It was not that there was a promiscuous approach to relationships, but more an inability to maintain a relationship, thorough lack of proximity. It was not until the author came ashore and re- trained in his mid twenties that a long term relationship became plausible. Author married in 1973.

Photo of book event display. Galactic Mission Part Two has now been published:


Author’s retailing experience made available for the shopkeeper.

Display and gondola sales.

The front end is your prime selling location followed by the back end.

Best selling positions flow backwards from the front end, either side

at middle shelf level. Remember in general retail and fashion that

your premier customers are women. Do not make them have to

stretch for your best selling lines.

Balance and replication are critical factors when you merchandise front

and back ends for gondalas. This also applies to window displays.

Where stock allows create balance replica in a window display – that is

the same product at each side of the window – moving inwards

with related product, to catch eyes of passers by. This particularly

applies to a product range. Window displays need to be matched with

front end and or good availability, immediately in store. Best selling lines

must be given best selling positions. Window displays, ideally need

frequent refreshment. If you need to sell from shop window stock,

and display collapses then a new theme is needed where good

stock levels are there to match display. Plan ahead with your window display.

A weekly change can be hard work but you do not want to limit your

customer base with a stale window display.


For some years floor racking has replaced window display in, many chain store

window display themes. Again, balance across the front racking is critical,

in connection, to reach out to customers. Summer season dictates

summer fashion, but weather needs to be considered – umbrellas,

rainwear brought to front of store – when rain sets in.

Size and colour coverage are obviously critical to

reach across customer choice with rack displays.

Front store racking is again, most poweful, sales

position. Second floor sales location, diminishes,

sales potential. Common sense statements, but

retail demands common sense and a good smattering

of flair. Just a few tips from a former chain store manager,

which translate across retail.

Persuasion’s Price – play.

Novel Persuasion’s Price was started while author attended a writing group. Ever the rebel, with regard to correct procedure author’s plot was not worked through. A first, approximate ten chapters were written, before plot was re- plotted, to eventual final manuscript presentation. That, the novel starts in an English farm house, author hoped for interest from a local based readership. Instead first sales came from overseas.

Author’s interest in performance art and theatre studies suggested the idea for a play. Lock Down, not the best time to aim for a play performance on stage, perhaps? But author has submitted his play – Persuasion’s Price manuscript to a theatre company.

After Atlantic Hijack, sea novel was published,author made an audio record with introductory music. The specification was not to Amazon requirement, but author enjoyed recording his novel. Should there be a future record author would probably not record, his own received English voice, but aim for a character voice, which listeners might better associate with a seafarer. Ten years sea service didn’t give author a particularly briny voice, it can be said. Although a long stint aboard an ore carrier, with a Geordie crew left author with burr – to extent that he was asked when ashore, where in Tyneside was he from ?

This detracts from detail about Play – Persuasion’s Price. A re – write of the novel by the author. At start, narrator introduces play. The narrator idea maybe scrapped. Author had in mind a particular actor for role.

Music has been added to create atmosphere. Music listed for the opening scene and after interval. Play, is at such an embryonic stage that music option might be lapsed, should a producer/ director consider it unsuitable. Priority will ultimately be to achieve a performance.

In the novel writing arena author’s third sea novel is at Chapter 7 – subsequent to final manuscript achievement for Persuasion’s Price. Author’s definition of final manuscript? Ever flexible, when additional final, final corrections and alterations can be introduced.

Persuasion’s Price, mystery thriller is listed on Amazon. Book depository list a paperback edition. Waterstone’s online list author Sam Grant novels. Point of interest.

Pitch Exercise (Atlantic Hijack)


The positioning for much of the action is aboard two cargo liners in the

sixties. Worlds collide, when Jane and Christina, join Motor Vessel Albany

Princess, as crew members. The novel kick starts, with Mike Peters, recall of

experiences, now five years on. It is 1967. His confidentiality allows

reader to share ,in his present life, and reflection on how evil forces

can develop, and lead to devastating consequence.


He is Second Mate, on cargo liner,”Ocean Melody,” about to embark on

same voyage, as five years previously. There is a double wrap,

where the reader is privy to more, in the third person story of Jane person story of Jane and Christina. Also,

Paul and Natalia Anderson, her Parents. * *( After critique, 30,000 words were removed, in a first person re- write

by author, which excluded third person information – Back story was not all lost though, and partly re – appears in sequel

novel – River Escape (2018 publication) Third, in series progresses, after re – write – to mystery play for Persuasion’s

Price has been scripted.

A treacherous fiance,’ broken engagement, unhappiness at the bank, make Jane receptive, to a job offer

aboard Albany Princess. The ship her father is head hunted to captain

In the nineteen – sixties, author served on eight foreign – going ships, as an

apprentice. Professional qualifications, led to watch – keeping officer.

Mike Peters, invites reader into present experiences, as Second Mate,

but returns to the voice, of young self (chapter one),to give

first person account, of events, which lead up to the hijack of Albany Princess, in

1962. (fiction). Narration by Mike, then junior apprentice, intersperses with authoritative.

watchful eye of senior apprentice Tom.

First part tracks progress of both Ocean Melody(Prologue) before events

aboard Albany Princess.

Characters are introduced on board, both ships.

Ship anchoring procedures, docking and departure from Liverpool reflect

an intended atmosphere of professional security. Mike Peters, younger than Jane

by five years, is viewed like, a young brother. The four, Mike, Tom and Christina, part



On self same route memories revived, yet tinged with sadness. He

has kept a photo, twice taken (Prologue) one of which he gave to Jane, in an old journal.

Latter part of novel concerns action, aboard Albany Princess with hijack. Finally

in epilogue cargo Liner with Mike, now Second Mate, docks in Rosario, Argentina.

This repeat voyage, just another, of numerous trips to Argentina from UK, for Mike?

Recent, revived interest, for author’s first novel, in course of Radio Show interview has

promoted idea to seek out archive footage of Atlantic Hijack, for a

pitch made to a writer’s class, that author attended.

Photos/postcards of cargo liners/passenger cargo and tankers were sourced online and enlarged to

give clearer, view recall.

Five sea poems were composed, and chosen by Forward Poetry to appear

in varied editor anthologies, over several years before and after maritime novel publications.

On reflection there was quite extensive research, which led to recall.

Please visit at URL

or Google Atlantic Hijack by Sam Grant for paperback or a Kindle edition preference.



Return to Maritime novel series.

Yes, the writing does flow fairly rapidly, for this author, when a maritime novel is in progress. An early work, sea life environment, engenders, perhaps a clearer sense of understanding and acceptance of characters created. Not an image of a particular seafarer, but mannerisms and responses, reflect memories of myriad personality types, met whilst author served aboard merchant ships. There’s a thirty year gap, from seafaring days, but with assistance of memory, aided by imaginative construct of ship board situation, a plot, storyline advances.

First two maritime novels – Atlantic Hijack and River Escape played back actual ship board experiences, with regard to specific ship type. Author did serve for a few trips, aboard a cargo passenger liner, but this new novel is likely, to contain more imaginative construct, than the other two. The Staff Captain, aboard the liner, wanted author to stay, for another trip. However, request was made to head office, by author, for study leave, to take the Second Mate’s Certificate. Mike Peters, is in a new role, as Staff Captain. His wife, Jane, accompanies him. They first met aboard Albany Princess, where her father Captain Anderson takes over command, after the death of the previous ship’s Captain.

During Lock Down author, decided to adapt mystery thriller, Persuasions Price, to a play. Yes, creative spirit, led the author into a new writing arena. Not totally new, because in latter years, at Royal Mail, author enrolled in a Theatre Studies course at Advanced Level. An English teacher, from a local secondary school also attended, to extend his understanding and abilities, in the performing arts. Apart from, written content in the Exam, the practical required, a paired acting role, plus a group enacted one. Author, did happen to conceive a plot for the group play. It involved the son, played by the English teacher, who discovers, his real father, to his horror, is a rogue salesman, who sold swimming pools to Eqyptian oil sheiks and not the father he grew up with!

Author, nearly left the sea, to join a dramatic arts college, whilst on mid-apprenticehip release, from Houlder Lines, but returned to complete his apprenticehip aboard ships. Everything arrives for those who wait!! Is not a saying which has appeal to a young person, but author has been able to take part in street theatre and theatre performance, subsequently.

Where maritime novels, reference, former seafaring years, Persuasion’s Price, mystery thriller, owes recall of sales meetings attended, whilst with Royal Mail and British Home Stores; summer months working on a farm and postal work, which involved sorting mail; rural delivery and collection work. Imagination plays a significant role in creation of characters and storyline.

To Blog or not to Blog?

Continuing, with title grabbed from Shakespeare play, and altered in this case from “to be or not to be,” to, ” to blog or not to blog, author has decided to plunge in with a blog commentary. A recent visit to postings, with regard to latest novel Galactic Mission Part Two, has revealed, that various sellers have ten or more copies of novel to sell. Understand, that practice, is for online booksellers to list first, and should orders materialize, source copies from, possibly Amazon, at a reduced price. It has always been a situation, that postal charges, can inflate profit margins. Like, other occasions, in life, appearances can be deceptive. Possible good news, for author’s sci/fi novels, is that interest in the planet Mars, is topical. A machine that scoops up martian debris, to a drone, which can photo snap, martian surface, revealed, as operational by Mars, space adventurers.

Author, in Galactic Mission novels has made imaginative leap, with alien intervention assistance, which develops space travel to Mars. It looks likely, that, in not to distant future, advancement in technology will see men, and of course, most importanly women colonize, martian landscape.

A theory, about Mars is that it did have, an atmosphere, like earth, but atmosphere was not retained. Millions of years ago, perhaps, conditions were more favourable, than on earth and biological life forms did exist on Mars? Maybe, an atmosphere suitable for habitation will be created, once more?

With advanced capability, allowed for by the Galactic Mission Force, technical issues, that restrict earth endeavor at present state, of technological development, are overcome. Air Sea Skaters are introduced, for Galactic Mission – Part Two, for emphasis, on environmentally advanced transport, going forward into this, and next century. An Air Sea Skater takes advantage of solar power generation, when in the air and wind power to drive sails in water.

Galactic Mission one, sees trees genetically modified, to produce alternative crops, which takes advantage of powerful root systems. This envisages, for some, perhaps a Frankenstein approach to crop modification, but tomatoes had to be modified/adapted, to temperate growth climes, from those of original tropical. There is, world need to develop food resource and ability to grow crops, more abundantly.

With both Galactic Mission novels, characters are drawn, from past earth history, and encourage group, who have moved to Mars, to have faith in their future. Legendary charcters, who wish them well, with endeavor, to save the earth – not just from comets, out of space, but from injustices inflicted on peoples, by unscrupulous systems with all powerful groups. A vivid mixture of fantasy with science fiction. Escapism, but with imaginative ideas, that might come to fruition.

Galactic Mission and Galactic Mission Part Two are listed on Amazon at:

URL Book Depository, also list Galactic Mission Part Two, with ISBN and inclusive delivery price.

Galactic Mission, published in 2017. Back cover description of earlier novel displayed above. Follows, with cover and availability listing, for Sam Grant’s latest novel – Galactic Mission Part Two. Galactic Mission, cover display, above, originated from a short story entered for Wells literary festival. Author, earlier compiled forty poems (2016) into – Poems with themed notes. In particular, an earlier poem – Cosmic Eye, could have been influential, in formation of story line for Galactic Mission (2017) Poems, in themed notes were composed contemperaneously with the first draft writing of first Galactic Mission.
Yes, Bob Hope’s famous answer , after being asked whether he believed in God – “that he needed all the help he could get;” could upset religious leaders with its flippancy and some might say arrogance toward the divinity, but author as a seafarer, found there were times, at sea in adverse conditons, when prayer for help and deliverance from mountainous seas, was order of day and night. Never, in doubt, that certain wave formation, might break up a ship, or engine failure ,introduce vulnerability. Fire at sea once staunched, led to thanksgiving, as did weathering a fog, safely.

It is after Galactic Mission Part Two’s publiction, that author fully realizes, ideas and forward plot for first Galactic Mission was developed, in part, with earlier poetry, together with ongoing poems written and published, in Poems with themed notes – published in 2016 by Sam Grant. “Captured into Their Realm,Cosmic Eye, Imaginary Affair and even Time Makers Kingdom. Earlier, with first action mystery maritime novel Atlantic HijackCargo to be Stowed; Coming Home; Eye of the Storm and Tropical Storm. URL

Galactic Mission Part Two – continues story of the group on Mars, but reads as a complete story.

The Play’s The Thing.

A well known quote from Shakespeare, “The Play’s the Thing.” It’s reported that Shakespeare composed sonnets and verse when there wasn’t much going on elsewhere. Surmise, that the play would likely be “the thing,” when there were bills to pay. Stories brought to life on stage, no doubt had wide appeal across social classes, and a full house would bring immediate lucrative result.

Author had a small part in Twelfth Night at college. What would William Shakespeare have made of drama teacher’s edited version? Before first read through, the cast, sat down, and followed instruction, to pencil – cross through, chunks of speech actor narrative, which gave an edited version. Perhaps run time, was too long, for time allowed? Also, parents, staff and cadets, might not be that appreciative of long actor parts, and provided that essential story content was there, to keep audience attention, all would be well. Cadet actors, with large parts, more able to memorize and handle a revised version. This, a reflection, from a play author performed in, sixty years previously.

Would the bard be dismayed, that fine speeches, were abridged to accommodate time and audience? He would’ve, author considers, likely been up for amendment and adaptation, to ensure production, didn’t get bad report, from audiences, who might become restive, to the extent, of verbalizing boredom, not only, in the theatre but afterwards.

Commentary, leads into author’s adaptation of Persuasion’s Price, mystery/ secret service, novel, into a play. “From the sublime to the ridiculous, in play type – was that, comment, author, imaginatively sensed, in reader’s mind?”

Persuasion’s Price – the play, has a time run of sixty minutes, for actor dialogue; plus twenty minute interval. Possible scenario, run time, probably an hour and a half.

This might be considered too long by producer/ director. Then pencil cross out may be order of the day. Even, where swathes of chapter depiction have been eliminated by the author, to meet script requirement. It’s possible to see how the author of a book may well despair, at film directors, when they cut parts out, seen as integral to story, by the author !!

Persuasion’s Price, the novel starts with a depiction of a bullock escape from a town’s market, with career, up the high street. Description is taken from memory, of Market Harborough, when author delivered post, in high street.

In one instance, a black and white bullock, chased up the two way trafficked, high street. Eventually cornered, at the top end, by members, of the farming community, then in town.

Danny ,the postman, in Persuasion’s Price, mystery thriller, is a mixture, of previously known postal characters, but not reflective of any specific person. Postmen, in Market Harborough, were known to help out farmers, with tractor work and there was an actual postman, who scoffed nearly all the biscuits at a farm, coffee stop! No, not the author!

A novel, pitched in 2019, but suggestive of earlier postal section rota system. Author worked, whilst with Royal Mail, in a four duty team section, at the time. First duty, was a three fifteen morning run to Leicester to fetch mail, for town and surounding villages, followed by an industrial park delivery. Then, a town walk, as described. With two other duties, which were rural deliveries. One, with three villages to deliver mail and parcels to. The other with eight.

Persuasion’s Price, mystery thriller – fictionally, set in the south west – not Leicestershire – but shares reference to eight village delivery duty, in Market Harborough, referred to. Point of interest.

Persuasion’s Price. Front cover photo shot, for mystery thriller
Back cover display – Persuasion’s Price – description

Chapter 13 -romantic thriller – Dancing on the Beach by Sam Grant. Final permitted chapter entry. Waterstones listed. Please visit at URL for Kindle or print edition.

Front cover, from paperback edition – Dancing on the Beach by Sam Grant. Romantic thriller set in a seaside holiday town

There Was A Drum roll, followed by some talking, from the theatre. The gardener’s hut was built, on the remaining space, before the precipitous cliffs took over. The theatre, seated three hundred and was at the end of the Downs. It provided entertainment through the summer. The performers, not well known, but sought to find an enthusiastic audience, from the tourists, staying nearby.

The hut, was like a base camp, where the day started and ended. Dan’s ticket machine, the flapped leather shoulder bag for coins, notes, spare ticket rolls and the takings book, were kept in a cupboard, on the back wall. Takings,were listed for the day, and handed in with the cash, at either the theatre or the ticket office.

A selection, of rakes, hoes, spades, forks and half-moon shaped turf cutters, were held. by pairs of nails, which when removed , left a dark impression, on the wood, due to the sun bleaching the surrounding wood varnish.

Knowing, that I might return here, I’d left, pencils, coloured chalks, a box of charcoal, sketch pads, A6, up to, A3, plus a folding easel stand at the back of the cupboard.

My deck chair, attending day, ended at five thirty. There was still, a good light, and the idea, was to perhaps, catch, a few theatre goers, who’d arrived early. I was chatting to Dan, in the morning, on the promenade. He’d chosen to visit the beach, on his day off.

‘Are you, that hard up Phil, that you have to work, after hours?’ He said.

For Dan, any activity, other than downing, a few tinnies or going to a Barbie, was interpreted, as work.

‘I find it relaxing, and people, are happy, when they’re on holiday. They don’t expect a Michaelangelo standard piece of work. It’s not easy to explain, but it gives me space to unwind.

This took place, when we were standing, on the promenade, earlier. I wasn’t sure Dan was convinced, by my argument, but it was then that Dan dropped a bombshell, about the beach party, Saturday week, when he said,

‘I’ve got a Barbie together, for the beach party, on Thanet Island. I’m seeing if Ingrid can help out, with paper cups and plates. That’s why I’m down here, today,’ he said.

‘Thanet Island?’ I exclaimed. This was a craggy lump of rock, several hundred yards, out to sea.

‘Yep Phil – didn’t I say, the beach party’s on the island. It’s got a sandy beach, around the back. Just the ticket, for a party. When the tides out, that is. Malk’s letting us have Sea Spray, to get out there.’

‘You, didn’t tell me.’

‘Well, you know now, so that’s okay.’ It wasn’t okay, because Meila, must have presumed, the party, was on Batcombe. Now, I would need to do some explaining.

What, if she couldn’t swim or was scared of boats? It was Sunday and somehow Dan had wangled the day off. I was now his regular stand in, on the Downs, so I would be able to see her. In one sense, I couldn’t have asked for a better arrangement. In particular, only the day after, and I would be able to see Meila or as I needed to remember – that she was Pamela, in the outside world.

Tuesday and Fridays, were often, delivery days, for the cool boxes. The weekend, was a busy time for cream teas. Sea View, prepared baked trays of apple pie, for delivery to the cafe on the Downs. Their Spanish chef, liked to deliver these personally to the cafe owner. After the first day, visitors tended to have put aside, the right money. Today, for obvious reasons, I’d decided to visit , the hotel, for one and fifty pence coins.The other option was dropping in on Mrs Brown, at the Red and White Rose cafe, half way along, on the other side of the Downs road.

“The receptionist, at the Sea View, will give you coins usually, but they don’t like riff raff like us, in the foyer, during mornings.” Those were Dan’s words, about getting change for the cash satchel. Takings, were in a zip leather wallet, but a twenty five pound float was held back, for the following day. It needed to contain, ten, fifty. and twenty pence coins, with a smattering of smaller ones.

My mind, wandered through about what I’d say to Meila, that afternoon and whether, she’d still want to go to the beach party. I was tellling myself, if Meila didn’t want to go to the beach party, neither would I.

I normally went to the cafe and chatted with Mrs Brown. Listened to how her daughter, was struggling, in the world of work and how much her horse cost to feed. She, recruited us as ambassadors.

‘Do tell them, about the cafe. There’s a charge, for the tray of two pounds. It’s refundable. There’s a cafe room upstairs – tell them. Just because it’s full downstairs, when it’s raining – I’ve still got room.’ She made her cafe sound like a bomb shelter, from attacks, by the enemy. The enemy, being the rain. Although, she was proud, that her mother’s tea house, in the East End, was the only one that stayed open, during the London Blitz.

Word Press will not allow further chapters to be published. Please visit at URL

Dancing on the Beach. Romantic thriller. Most popular read on Kindle in 2016 and again in 2018. Author decided to publish chapter sequence for his second novel, whilst following – authors assiting authors site. An adaptation of Persuasion’s Price to a stage play is now past first draft preliminary stage, into stage and actor direction text. URL

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