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Future Events – 2019.

Sam Grant has attended two Book Events this year. The first at Sherborne, Dorset and one at the Magpie Market. A card with a photo of “River Escape,” with a list of ISBN published books was given out.

Magpie Market Sunday, 5th May at Cheese and Grain Frome. Please visit at url for more details. Author hopes to be in attendance.

“Atlantic Hijack,” still finds sales, although published, in 2014. A novel set in the historical nineteen-sixties remains, perhaps, – “in date,” because it relates to a bygone era. Those, who like the author, served aboard ships, from the period – perhaps, like to imagine these ships, are not old, because it indicates their own age!

Magpie Market is a great market for craft made product and is worth a visit just to see the wide range of products that are made locally. Sam Grant books are written locally, although set in varied locations.

Later, in 2019, there is The Silk Mill, Small Publishers Fair. This event, has a variety of books – both fiction and non fiction. In 2018, it was very well attended. Sam Grant has reserved a stall in the Fair and hopes to have hardback volumes available of some novels and or anthologies.

What’s ongoing now?

A novel set in a rural area. Visits from a company wanting barn storage space, sets in motion an interaction between this rural community and a Russian mafia gang. Progress to draft level. There has been substantial re-write and re-organization of chapters – already. Change of plot or rather main plot made into subplot.

For the author, memories of the writing of Galactic Mission return. Complications arise when you have multiple characters. There are no aliens! But there is the convergence of cultures in latest novel preparation.

There are two book events scheduled for May and then July, 2019. Plans are that a hard back edition of an earlier novel will be published. Possibly, the anthologies might also be re-issued in hard back. Decisions, decisions….

Really great to receive reply and advice from Bristol Central Library. Sam Grant novels and anthologies are now on the Dumfries national database.

Finalizing a novel absorbs writing time. Author writes at pedestrian speed with intermittent gallops forward! A4 scribbles can precede actual typed manuscript. Chapters sketched out before actual print takes place. Relationship dialogue is often re-written several times. Relate to being pleased with one paragraph a day sometimes, although the plan is to write a thousand words a day. Novel is now at 50,000 word point. There is likely to be pruning after sixty thousand words. Then work toward prioritizing a final manuscript!!

Radio interview for “Writers on Frome FM.” – Sam Grant, author.

Sam Grant, was very fortunate to attend for an interview with Sara and Ann. A lead in to the earlier start novel “Atlantic Hijack,” is talked about. Sam, was delighted to be told that Ann had read “Atlantic Hijack,” and enjoyed the read. “River Escape,” moves the narrative twelve years forward to where narrator -Mike Peters, is married with twin daughters. The family have moved to Liverpool from Rosario. Lead in and Chapter 15 is read by Sam. The novel draws from life experiences when the author worked aboard a tanker contracted to transport boiler oil from Venezuela to New Jersey. The long stay on the north/south American coastline necessitated that the ship victualled at Bayonne, in New Jersey. Memories of American products tasting different to British. Big let down for the crew was the beer. It tasted more like lager than British beer.

A significant event was when John Kennedy was shot and the ship was made to anchor in the River Hudson-to await instructions. The pilot station notified of the shooting just as the tanker reached pilot to bridge radio contact. “Abort, and anchor where you are, ” came the instructions. The Second Mate made comment about the American usage of the word abort. Albany Empress, in the novel, is upgraded from the nineteen-sixties vessel, mentioned. Fiction story – “River Escape,” by Sam Grant, is pitched in the nineteen-eighties.

A song was chosen to be played in this radio interview. Gaucho cowboy singers and dancers performed on cinema stages at the time, in Buenos Aires, the author recalls. Guantanamera was very popular at the time. The Sandpipers rendition, perhaps a North American culture influenced version. South American singers, musicians and dancers tended towards a more visceral interpretation.

Sam Grant, author.

In 1990 the author adopted the name of Sam Grant in reply to articles in the New York Times. A first novel, which started with a working title of -Pilot’s Daughter, later became -Atlantic Hijack by Sam Grant, in 2015.

In 2010, a first poem was published named – Dispatch Time, by United Press. There has been inclusion of Sam Grant poems in anthologies published by Forward Poetry from 2011 up to 2019, where a new poem has been chosen by their team of editors. The author is delighted that his poems are chosen for publication by Forward Poetry in their varied range of books and anthologies. Paragon Publishing has provided opportunity to publish novels, short stories and poems through expert formatting and preparation of cover illustration. Reviews by Sea Breezes in 2018 for Atlantic Hijack and River Escape – action, mystery novels – have led to promotional effect, and sales, for which the author is very grateful.

Towards the end of 2018 requests were made for copies of both sea novels and Sam Grant’s latest release-Mists of Time. Poems, short stories with three cameo chapters from novels-Atlantic Hijack, Galactic Mission and Dancing on the Beach by Sam Grant. A romantic thriller. Preview access is available within the Kindle editions listed at url

Shooting the Breeze on a Market Stall.

Opportunity to display your book, novel, anthology on a market stall should not be missed. In particular, you need to be present as the author.  There’re  repetitive conversations, about your book or books, which is great.  How you came to write? And, explanation that you are self-published. Questions about how to publish? This author has submitted a number of manuscripts to varied publishers,  There are six  published Sam Grant books. Two recent good reviews have assisted sales. Testimony, to the need for promotion of an author’s works,  in magazines and newspapers etc…

Market Stall visitors, frequently  stop to  talk.  Always, of   interest to listen to and will give you, true insight into readership interest.  A first novel, published in 2014,  has started to sell, again. Now, with a sequel published, there is additional interest. Dialogue, with a visitor, might lead to a sale, but it’s equally  gratifying that interest is shown.   Also, questions about self-publishing can be answered.  Perhaps, this assists others to take a plunge into publication, with their  writing projects.

There has been an improvement in printed book sales from book sellers, (2018) as against e-books. Sam Grant,  author encouragement,  came through  e-book sales with his  most popular read romantic thriller novel  on  To have good replies about a novel is great , in itself. E-Book or print book reader, notwithstanding! Recently, two good magazine reviews for print editions have marked a break through. Further  interest from Library groups has followed.

It was reassuring that sales had  been achieved through e-books before the  venture on to a stall with a display of published books.  A card to handover with your author name   and details is important. In particular, website or online author details.

A website, is a wonderful  advertising medium, but you, as an author have to get visitors to the site. Interaction with your potential readership at ground level, on a market stall, is a very good opportunity to bring  awareness to a website, biography and latest novel, of course.  “Mists of Time,” Poems, short stories and extracts. From author, Sam Grant, 2018.“Mists of Time,” Poems, short stories and extracts. From author, Sam Grant, 2018. Plans for future  sequels or new ventures. This author’s latest book is called “Mists of Time.”  An epic poem of this title appears in Part One,  with fifteen  poems. In Part Two, there’re  short stories and extract cameo chapters from three novels.

The author has consistently  had poems chosen for publication in other anthologies and books. This has been a source of encouragement and writing  reward. A romantic thriller and science fiction novel have been published, plus a poetry anthology in 2016.   Work-very much in progress is going forward on a  second romantic thriller.

Photo for “Mists of Time.” Back cover with ISBN

River Escape by Sam Grant.

River Escape, is a sequel novel and  was published in March, 2018.  this has  has led to requests for copies of both novels for reviews.   Sea Breezes, a maritime magazine requested copies  and they have since reviewed both novels  in their magazine. A reader in London has subsequently  ordered print copies from the author. Amazon, promotion has led to sales, but without effective alternatives visits to this site can be  limited.  It has been very positive to have a review from lead nautical journal, Sea Breezes.  The author’s best online response has been through for Kindle editions and e-Book.NET.  “Dancing on the Beach,” by Sam Grant has been in most popular novel rate for 2016 and again, in 2018.

The author has reserved a stall at the Small Publishers Fair, the Silk Mill Frome for July, 2019.  It is hoped that all four novels will be available for purchase.  Also Poems with themed notes. Latest publishing news is that Four new Sam Grant poems have been chosen for publication in 2018.   Both Dancing on the Beach by Sam Grant and Galactic Mission have been listed in a young adult book  section. Preview chapters  for  Sam Grant’s  novels and poetry anthology are available @ url   Also, available from good bookshops. Please give the ISBN from the back cover.    Please visit – “Mists of Time,” Kindle preview for list of ISBN availability.

How long do you wait for a review?

I write comments-at risk of repetition. One writer forum is quick to point this out!  My answer is that ideas, suggestions are refreshed  each time they are written. New, and fresh  in that the sub/unconscious mind has acres and acres of space to work in, where the conscious mind is momentarily  struggling to remember where there’s a spoon to get coffee out of a jar. When the unconscious mind is revisited it has  re-assessed, revaluated, previous ideas that were written down-all be it previously  with sincerity and yes, this sub/unconscious phenomena  is prepared, to deliver improvements on original utterances.   A criticism here would be that the original comment was not properly edited.  Again, this could be with the limited capacity of the conscious mind, still perhaps disturbed by the hunt for a coffee spoon.  The unconscious mind is a multiplex of complex activity.  Like some vast hanger where ideas, concepts, plans, and reviews can be tried out on different levels.  Unnecessary verbiage, contraption, device discarded or most likely stored for possible future reference.  The conscious mind can applaud its erudite review and writing, but the real in depth slog has been performed behind the scenes.This paragraph is  a means to cover tracks where repetition is argued to be in evidence and is really a  follow up  about “actual” reviews.  The hen’s teeth availability for  review of one of my  novels has moved on. Two reviews have been given for separate action, mystery novels.  This  has led to a reader of Sea Breezes to order a copy of each, which have been sent. Amazon  might have competition on the horizon!  River Escape by Sam Grant is the sequel and was published end of March, 2018.  A fourth novel and I have really  made more effort on promotion than with previous novels. The first ten copy print- outs disappeared, because magazines and journals asked for copies for possible review. Note needs to be made  of  the “possible”.  To be fair, main stream publishers pay journalists thousands of pounds for them to expectedly read and review  one or other of  their author novels. It is said there is no such thing as s free review. Delighted to have a review from a sent  request for  copy, but understand the of editors and author was delighted that Sea Breezes were able to dedicate time to read  and then give review for  Atlantic Hijack and most  recent novel River Escape.

,Atlantic Hijack, went live, as the saying goes, in 2014.  To manage a review four years later is still positive. A novel, is set in the nineteen-sixties. The author lived  and worked through these years and there is that  authenticity that only sea- life experience can give.  The nature of things is that historically in fifty years time both these action, mystery novels might evoke interest. Technological change has been significant in the merchant marine. There are already automated ships being tested.  Driverless cars and unmanned ships are a distinct possibility for the near future.  The complex manned cargo equipment aboard ships, as in the nineteen-sixties, very much in the past, but of historical interest and with a mix of characters who are skilled professionals, there is opportunity for great dialogue and interaction reflective of life at sea, but with  liberal application of fiction. The positive answer about  reviews, is that they can be effective and  achieve sales.  Good replies about a novel online are also encouraging, but the reviews that  really count are probably more from magazines or organizations that have a direct interest in the genre, be it, romantic thriller, romance, science fiction, crime thriller, historical fiction, or action, mystery thrillers.   It can be said that the author has followed up on suggested advice for sought review of a novel or novels, and is delighted that Sea Breezes has reviewed both Atlantic Hijack and River Escape

Submission to possible reviewers.

A new phenomenon-not experienced before, as an author is that of being asked for copies for possible review. Yes, that has now happened. This is at variance from handing out copies. Handing out copies involves donations to hospitals and schools etc.. Not wholly altruistic, because you hope that after the reader has donated to the hospital the amount he or she deems acceptable, then they might after a read of your novel  talk about it . The novels donated  are brand new. That newly cut separation of the pages would occur when the out patient or nurse?- has selected the author’s  novel to flick through.  Perhaps  enticed to donate to the hospital, take away and read. Hopefully, also  talk with friends  about it.  Even buy another title at full price from a good bookseller.

The other giveaways are the obvious, perhaps?  On a radio show the host will receive a copy. Then there are writing groups where you give out  a free copy. Inadvertent giveaways are bookstalls where a few copies can be  missing at the end of the days sale. You contribute to the stall and it is a risk you take that not all copies will be returned. Even to have your novel shop lifted can be a reward when you are starting out as a new novelist and writer?  That your novel’s, cover and contents, became  worth the risk of  stealing  to take away and  read!

Copies to magazines and newspapers ? The reality is that you might  be asked for a copy, but unless you already have connections through a literary agent or the media there is  slim chance you will even get a reply, let alone a  review.  Genre is important. It makes sense to target magazines or journals that are appropriate. Science journals  for science fiction might not be as appropriate as science fiction, mystery, fantasy and the paranormal that is advertised on a site. You sort of cover all bases, then.  It needs to be said that interest and leads can come from unexpected source. The author’s romantic thriller achieved good replies from readers on an American site and is still a most popular read in 2018.

The  latest novel is about a sea mystery and adventure, but readers we  are told, do like to read about workplace experiences.   A main character who serves aboard a merchant ship ticks that box. From the review aspect three sea organizations  with regular magazine issues  have asked for copies and these have  been sent. Fingers crossed that  there could  be a review or reviews to follow!

A distinct category of reader-yes seafarers have written positive replies to a first sea novel, but this author is hoping for a wider audience of readership for his sequel novel.  What author doesn’t want to appeal to as wide a readership as possible? The author is  enthusiastic about writing novels and has started a fifth.  That epic individual sea adventure film might,  be in the offing! Stranger things happen at sea!

Front cover depiction. Action, mystery novel-“River Escape,” by Sam Grant.

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